Our Mission:
​Empowering Youth and Families to Discover Fortitude in their lives.​

VISION. Mission. Game Plan.

We all have various struggles and challenges that we experience in life. Sometimes we feel like they are the end of our world — the weight of them is very real to us. But then there are those moments, and those people that help us change our perspective.

I can relate to Martin Luther King Jr.— I, too, have a dream.
I have seen a world that is TOGETHER. Together in families, and also together as a world-wide, international family — political, cultural, regional, or religious lines. We are united against being divided, united for unity’s strength. There is still hurt, pain, and fear, but we rally together to conquer. We recognize we are so much stronger together than we are apart.

It all starts in family. We can’t expect to bring the nations of the world together if we can’t come together and love through the past and struggles within our own families.

For us to experience real, empowering joy, we must choose to still participate in our family. We must not give up and think that we are a lost cause. We must fight for our family. We must choose to still contribute, choose to still be an active participant. It may not be “the perfect," or “the ideal," but it will be our perfect, our ideal. We will channel our hurt from seeing our families broken, (which really stems from how much we love them) into loving them more. We may need to add in another parent, and some more siblings too, but it is our choice to become a family with them. Will we see that they are hurt and needing the refuge of a family too?

Everyone needs a place to call home — a place where they feel they belong. With so many breaking apart, will you be that sanctuary for someone?

Will you be the sanctuary for your step-sibling after their mother passes away, even as you are hurting from the death of your own father? Will you choose to join together and be a family? Will you be the sanctuary for your new bride after she has seen so many relationships torn apart? Will you be the sanctuary for your step-daughter after her dad walks out on her?


Game Plan.
Fortitude is having courage and strength in the midst of adversity.
Fortitude is choosing to take control of your circumstances.
It is not only determining to not let the hard things affect you, but determining that the hard things will make you stronger and better.

What direction would your life take if you realized that there was a reason to why you were facing the things you have faced?  Your life has purpose. I know you will discover it as you are given the opportunities to talk and share and help.

We are developing a course to give you tools.
It will teach you principles of emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, social, mental well-being that strengthens anyone who builds on them. And that is our invitation for you: to take the principles and BUILD! Make them your own. Create the fortitude in your homes and relationships.  

And then, we invite you to SHARE! You have gone through your experiences, you have the heart, you have the understanding, and once you have the tools, built on strength, you are EMPOWERED! Others need you! There are individuals and families being broken apart all around you, every day. They need you to help them build, help them find fortitude. You have been there, and you have overcome.

 And they will be forever grateful, as I am, to the people and families that have inspired me, shifted my paradigm, and allowed me to feel hope.

Be strengthened, strengthen others, and be prepared for the future!

After going through the course and then teaching, serving, and helping others understand the principles, you will know the fulfilling life of fortitude. Whatever struggles or trials that come now or in your future, you will already know what to do, where to turn and where to go: TOGETHER.

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