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  1. Hailey's Story
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  2. The Fortitude FESTIVAL!
    In December we held our first Fortitude Festival in Rexburg, Idaho. We had great responses from everyone who came -- a night to remember for sure. If you would like to host a Fortitude Festival in your town, contact us! Our Fortitude Festivals "Celebrate Courage. Create Fortitude."
  1. Managing Director
    My mom fought breast cancer for 7 years, before it actually took her life. She was 33 when diagnosed, and passed away just two weeks short of her 40th birthday. I was 16 years old at the time of her passing, with three younger brothers ages 14, 12, and 9. I felt the responsibility of being a “mother figure” grow on me, and that I needed to help out my dad and be there for him. I would drive my brothers to their various activities, help make dinner, and other things, on top of trying to finish a difficult junior year in high school. This time was really hard for me, thinking of how close I was to my mom before her death, and realizing she would never be there to see me graduate high school, get married, have children, etc. Things continued to get a little harder when my dad started dating. At first, I thought I wasn’t ready for a new family, enough had already changed. I began to pray to understand the importance of God’s plan in my life and for acceptance of what had happened and was happening. I fell in love with the family of the woman my dad was to marry (whose husband also passed away a few years prior), and was excited to gain 2 sisters and 2 new brothers. I began to feel God’s love for me, and see that everything in this life has a purpose and a reason, that He truly understands. He knows the exact experiences we need to progress and grow. As our Father, He wants the best for His children, and knows the perfect ways to give us all the blessings He has in store for us. Today, as I look back on those hard times, I see so many blessings. The semester my mom passed away was the first semester I got straight A’s in high school. I continued with A’s through my senior year and graduated #3 in my class. That helped me to receive a scholarship to Arizona State University and later graduate with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. After my dad remarried, I felt comfortable leaving my family and serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Northern Chile for 18 months. There, I was able to help several people who had gone through similar trials as me. I have seen a stepsister and two brothers also serve missions since, with more siblings planning to be missionaries as well. After joining two families and moving to a new town, I met a great man who I share my love with, and we were married in an LDS temple for all eternity. Our Father in Heaven loves us more than we can comprehend. He has a plan that is perfect, and He knows what details need to happen to lead us back to Him. Even though the passing of my mother was hard on my family and me, I know it helped us progress and trust more in Christ. I know I will see her again someday, and that is what gets me through. I live my life the best I can, so I can be with her in God’s presence.
  2. Managing Director
    When I was 11, my biological father stopped returning my phone calls. He just left. There was no goodbye, nothing but the never ending ringing and his voicemail. 105 days later, he finally answered. I heard nothing but blame towards my mom. He wouldn't even acknowledge my presence. It killed me. I remember laying on my mom and dad's bed just crying and asking why. When I was 3 my mom married my stepdad and I remember him and my mom holding me, trying to calm me. My biological dad said nothing. He just hung up. That was one of the final times I saw him. The other few times he acknowledged me, it was nothing but blame towards my mom. He took no accountability for his actions. My main struggle was trying to see that there was a reason I was going through all this pain. Having my mom, stepdad and my religion really strengthened me. They encouraged me to forgive my biological dad and let go of that pain, look towards the future and how this could be seen as a blessing to someone else. But what he had done was hurtful. It took me a long time to realize that I couldn't change what he had done. I could only change how I reacted to it. It took me 8 years to truly forgive him. I was in my second year of college and had been seeing a counselor for almost 6 months. When I was younger, I thought I had let the pain go, but it still affected me negatively. It's been about four years now and I have seen so many blessings. I saw the wreck my biological dad left in others lives, how his decisions negatively impacted others. Then I look at my life and see all the blessings. My stad being the biggest one. He isn't my stepdad. He is my dad. I am his daughter. He has been there every step of the way and I have never been so thankful for his role in my life. I am so grateful for his supporting role in my life. I find myself constantly wondering where I would be without him. I cannot imagine a life without him in it. "Everything happens for a reason. What that reason is, who knows. The past has already happened and the future is yet to be written. You're only job is to live in the now. Stop dwelling on the what if's and create your dream life in this very moment." -Anonymous
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